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法语助手 Frhelper - 法语词典 app for iPhone and iPad

4.4 ( 1504 ratings )
Reference Education
Developer: QianYan Network
Current version: 8.5.4, last update: 8 months ago
First release : 02 Sep 2009
App size: 182.52 Mb


- 法汉 - 汉法词典、法法词典、法英词典,历经数年修订,权威详实;
- 原声例句:收集时事新闻中出现的句子,配以原声发音,让你知道单词的实际用法;
- 法语百科:收录了海量法语时事新词热词、网络俚语,让你了解法语单词背后的知识;
- 历年真题库:收录历年法语考试真题,轻松知道考试高频词汇;
- 人名地名、百科讲解、词根词源功能,一个软件全部收录;
- 法语动词变位查询,提供18种时态的动词变位反查功能;
- 法汉例句库:内置五百万句法汉对照例句,方便查询参考;
- 可以安装扩充的法法词典,方便中高级使用者。

- 法语每日一句,真人朗读讲解,每天提高一点;
- 法语整句翻译发音功能,最新支持语音输入;
- 生词本、笔记、荧光笔标记、历史记录功能,支持学习记录云端同步;
- 法语角功能,新增关注、私信等功能,和法语学习者一起交流;
- 摄像头取词、拍照查词功能,准确率提高20倍,即拍即查,阅读文献好帮手;
- 支持跨软件取词,在任意软件中长按单词即可查询;
- 支持iPad分屏功能,可以一边浏览网页一边查词;
- 单词复习功能,可以自定义学习目标,多种图表,帮你更好回顾自己的学习。

====《法语助手》iOS版本特别功能 ====
- 文件阅读功能,在《法语助手》中即可阅读文件,支持单词长按查询;
- 解释界面多种主题配色,总有适合你的;
- 集成了系统Spotlight法语查词;
- 完美支持蓝牙键盘,支持全键盘操作(iOS9以上用户可长按Command键查看可用快捷键);
- WiFi文件传输功能,无需数据线即可传词典或文章。

Pros and cons of 法语助手 Frhelper - 法语词典 app for iPhone and iPad

法语助手 Frhelper - 法语词典 app good for

There is not much instruction on how to use it. I explored myself and it seems having quite functions. The camera capturing function is nice but not easy to use since more than 80% time the words couldnt be recognized (ipad version). I was also trying the put a whole sentence for translation which is not well supported somehow. Again, since no instruction around, it is kind of hard to figure out the right way. But overall, I like this app.
precise definition in french and english. a lot of sample usage and sentences
Its a really nice app that I use it almost everyday to do the review after French class. Its useful to beginners to learn French.
The best free French dictionary out there. Thumbs up! Keep it up!
Great app! Easy to use, good information. I have only one small complain - English is my preferred source language in learning French. This app provides both Chinese and English translations and explanations, but the Chinese section is significantly stronger.
Really good and handy app for learning french. Keep updating.

Some bad moments

every time I use this app, it just crashed and brought me back to desktop

Usually 法语助手 Frhelper - 法语词典 iOS app used & searched for

词典, 有道翻译官, qianyan network, and other. So, download free 法语助手 Frhelper - 法语词典 .ipa to run this nice iOS application on iPhone and iPad.